Distriktsmøte Akureyri 31.8.-3.9.2023

Det er lagt til Akureyri på Island dagene 1. – 3. september 2023.

January letter from Akureyri

Hello our dear Zonta friends

We hope everyone is excited about their trip to Akureyri Iceland this coming fall. But to remind you – our aria conference will be hosted in Akureyri September 1 – 3 2023.

We do hope as many as possible can visit us. The agenda is slowly but steadily coming through… but as for now I can tell you something… On Thursday evening August 31 we will welcome you to Akureyri with a little „welcoming get together“. Then during the conference, we will meet, talk, eat, feast, have fun, get to know each other and maybe have a toast in Icelandic Brennivín ( I don’t recommend it, but… it is Icelandic).

More details about the content of the conference, the main speakers and information on registration will be sent out in end February or beginning of March. We have already booked several hotel rooms for you, so everything is in planning…

We Icelanders are famous for not planning our trips ahead… but we know you do. So here is some information for you to look into.

  • Now we do have straight flight from Kastrup airport Copenhagen to Akureyri with the airline Niceair https://www.niceair.is/Niceair airlines flies twice a week between Akureyri and Copenhagen. I looked into the flight schedule and found out – there is a flight from Kastrup on Thursday August 31 and back from Akureyri on Sunday September 3rd. It is early flight back so you might just go straight from the nightlife Of course you can stay until September 7th and take a stroll around our aria.
  • You can also take a flight to Keflavík international airport every day of the week, from Oslo, Copenhagen and more cities, but sorry no straight flight from Lithuania. From Keflavik airport you can take a flybus to Reykjavík domestic airport https://www.re.is/tour/flybus/ and take a flight to Akureyri. https://www.icelandair.com/is/flug/island/ Of course you can rent a car and drive to Akureyri back and forth. Beautiful drive but 430 km long with a speed limit of 90 km per hour.
  • There are no trains in Iceland, but buses drive between Reykjavík and Akureyri every day. https://straeto.is/en/route-planner/timetables/landsbyggdin/route-57

In the next letter I will let you know what to expect in Akureyri and surrounding areas. But let’s start by one…  our newest attraction is our Forest  lagoon. When construction workers were drilling a tunnel through Vaðlaheiði mountain in 2015, they hit a stream of hot water. In the beginning the hot water formed a beautiful hot waterfall into the sea, but now seven years later the water has been purposefully channeled into the new spa.    https://www.forestlagoon.is/

Now you have something to look into until next

Best regards

On the behalf of Zotaklubb Þórunn hyrna and Zontaklubb Akureyri

Bestu kveðjur

Sesselja Sigurðardóttir

AD i Area 3, Distrikt 13, Zonta Iceland

Zontas bidrag i årets TV aksjon



Every year the last Sunday in October, there is a big national event in Norway, a fundraising campaign. This year the campaign supported Plan Norway, and the purpose was “Girls, not brides”.  Zonta Norway and local clubs participated in the campaign by donating and walking from door to door collecting money. Every door was visited all over the country, thousands of volunteers in action. In fact, all Norwegians participated in the charity campaign for the fight against child marriage, including government,  the Prime minister, school students and business. Even the Norwegian King, Harald V, participated!

And the result: 243 mill. Nkr/ 28 mill. Dollar. Enough money to reach out to 3 million girls.

Stipendutlysning Women in Technology

Søkere søker direkte til Zonta International. Søknadsfristen er 15.oktober 2021. Zonta International Women in Technology Scholarship Committee gjennomgår søknadene og anbefaler opptil 20 mottakere til Zonta International Board. Alle søkere vil bli varslet om sin status innen utgangen av april 2022.

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